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  • Can-Am Spyder 1330 Performance Muffler Replacement Pipe (LG-1330)
(Can Opener Baffle now included)
  • Can-Am Spyder 1330 Performance Muffler Replacement Pipe (LG-1330)
  • Can-Am Spyder 1330 Performance Muffler Replacement Pipe (LG-1330)
(Showing the can opener baffle installed)
  • Can-Am Spyder 1330 Performance Muffler Replacement Pipe (LG-1330)
(Showing the can opener baffle installed)

Performance Muffler Replacement Pipe 1330

$320.00 $295.00
(You save $25.00)

Product Description

Riding Season special!!!  Sale $295.00 Shipped.

Price now includes can opener type quiet baffle.


This replacement pipe is for performance testing & tuning on the Rotax 1330
For year 2015-2017 F3/F3T/RT the rear mount has been removed as it is not needed for mounting.

Fits all Models with the 1330 Engine

Add performance and sound to your RT and F3 and drop a few pounds in the process. Sounds good on the RT but sounds fantastic on the F3! You can use the new can opener baffle with the pipe to quiet it down a bit and add back pressure and torque. We recommend you try it without the baffle if louder is what your looking for. The baffle provided will tame the sound down a bit but will still have a great exhaust note. You have options and that's a good thing. To install the can opener baffle simply insert the baffle in the spring end of the pipe and use a deep socket to drive it in. No drilling needed as it's a snug fit.

There are no instructions with the pipe, simply remove the old pipe and replace with the new performance pipe. We recommend that you let the bike idle for 10 min. or so to let the computer learn the new flow. If you plan to use it on road check with your local and state agencies.

Video show old style pipe with rear hanger. This hanger is no longer needed because there is next to no weight being carried compared to the stock primary muffler.


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  1. Another AWESOME Review 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 13th 2018

    There are plenty of reviews already about how awesome this pipe is and here’s another one. I keep it short...it’s saves weight, it simplifies the exhaust system, it doesn’t need to be reprogrammed, it’s sounds great (I’m running stock muffler), there is no drone (I installed the can opener baffle), sounds great when taking off & on the throttle but quiet when cruising at highway speeds, the install was simple & easy (took me about 10 minutes), well worth the money, build quality is great, AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME.

  2. ...Great product quality .... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 8th 2017

    ...no issues whatsoever with quality and fitment...
    Combined it with Two Brothers S1R,...will need to tone it down' ..will be using a TBR P1X baffle
    would recommend the inclusion of a spring hook similar to what came with the TBR muffler in case the stock or other muffler is used...

  3. Great fit 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 2nd 2017

    I am happy with cat bypass. It was hard getting the top spring on. Used the stock muffler with and only a tad bit louder

  4. So happy I decided to buy this test pipe 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 30th 2017

    First the welds are beautiful fit is right on .I started the spyder an let run for 10 minutes for the computer to learn then wow ! I,m using the stock muffler on my f3s my adult son said it sounds like it grand am car. Wow a little loud for early morning rides so I installed the can opener baffle still sounds great when on the throttle.

  5. Buy It 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 28th 2017

    This pipe is extremely well made, like a work of art. I used the baffle that came with it. Install was straight forward on my 2016 F3-T, the springs suck to get back on. The sound of the pipe is sweet, not too loud, just enough to be heard

  6. Simple upgrade.. . Easy Install 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 27th 2017

    Installing this pipe was a breeze! The springs can be tough so using a hook tool will help immensely. It took all of 20 minutes to put on...and that includes any prep and jacking up the bike and putting it on stands.

  7. Great Get 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 26th 2017

    Shipped unbelievably fast. Good sound, great heat reduction and noticed and increase in power. The heat reduction is critical. I live in Mesa, Arizona and on rides during the summer heat in 106 degree temperatures the heat reduction is noticeable. Thanks

  8. IT'S A MOTORCYCLE AFTER ALL!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 21st 2017

    This thing really woke up the beast that is the 1330! It sounds good with the stock pipe and CAT delete only. I can actually hear it now when I'm going down the road...and so can others around me. The Harley guys make a lot less fun of me now. By the way, low and mid-range power gains are very obvious.

  9. 1330 replacement pipe 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 17th 2017

    Easy install. Great sound.

  10. Nice and simple 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 17th 2017

    Toughest part of installation was getting the springs off and on. I tried it wo the baffle but the sound reminded me of a car with it's muffler that fell off so I had to put it in even though I liked it louder. I don't mind the stock pipe so this was a simple way of getting a better and louder sound without replacing the stock pipe.

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