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RT Swaybar 2010-2012

RT Swaybar 2010-2012

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Custom Performance Anti-Sway-Bar Install instructions for

Can-Am Spyder RT, RT-S, RT Limited – 2010 ~ 2012 – SM5/SE5

WILL NOT FIT Spyder-RS, GS, RS-S or any 2013 Models


As with any performance modification, go slowly and take the time to learn what differences this sway bar will make in how your Spyder handles. It is your responsibility to ride responsibly.


The installation of your new BajaRon Custom Performance Anti Sway-Bar is a straightforward removal of the original bar and replacement with the new bar.


Installation Instructions

1. Empty the Frunk. (Front Trunk)


2. Remove the Easy access Pop-Off side panel for checking Oil Level (Left Side). Remove this same Pop-Off panel on the Right Side. This exposes Bolt (#68) (See Diagram #1 below).


3. Remove Bolt (#68) from long plastic panel on both sides. (Diagram #1) Remove only the Bolt, panel remains.


4. Remove Plastic Rivets (#3)(#1&2). and Service Panels (Diagram #1) Leave the Funk Lid Open.


5. Raise your Sypder to gain access to the front, under side where the Sway Bar is attached. Be careful to SAFELY raise and stabilize your Spyder before you begin. Weight does not need to be lifted off the tires.


6. Remove the (2) lower bolts (#37)(#24) (Diagram #1) holding the bottom of the Frunk to the lower frame. These are located just inside of the Sway Bar Bushing Bracket bolts (Diagram #2). Removing the plastic skid plate (#53) (Diagram #1) may be necessary. If you have the SpyderPops Bump Skid you will need to remove it.


7. You can now move the bottom of the Frunk forward enough to gain access to the (4) Bushing Clamp mounting bolts. (#’s 24, 25) (Diagram #2)


WARNING! Move the Frunk only enough to access the Sway Bar Bushing Bolts (You will need about 3-4 inches of clearance to the frame). If you move the Frunk too far you may damage it.


A helper can pull up and forward on the front of the Frunk to give you the access room you need. If you do not have a helper, place a piece of wood, a rag or other object between the Frunk and frame to provide access without having to hold the Frunk yourself.


IMPORTANT!(#23) Retain the (2) metal Bushing Clamps and the following parts (#24, 25, & 28)(#27). . You will NOT reuse the (2) M8x1.25x 40mm Flanged Bolts These (2) bolts will be replaced by the longer M8x1.25x50mm Flanged Bolts supplied in the Sway Bar kit.


8. Remove and discard the (2) bolts (#27)(#26) attaching each end of the Sway Bar to the Heim Joint Links .


9. Remove ONLY the (2) lower Bushing Clamp bolts (#24). (#24) Loosen the (2) upper Bushing Clamp bolts until you can drop the Sway Bar out from the Bushing Clamps (#23).


You are now ready to install your new BajaRon Custom Performance Sway Bar in reverse order.


10. Install the (2) new black Silicone Rubber bushings (supplied) onto the new sway-bar.


11. Using the original Bushing Clamps (#23)(#24, 25) and bolts , loosely attach the New Sway Bar to the frame making sure the flat side of each bushing is against the frame. Center the bushings in the clamp.


12. Attach each Sway Bar end to the Heim Joint Link (#26) being sure to place the Sway Bar to the INSIDE of each Link using the Longer Replacement Bolt (#27) (#28)supplied in the Sway Bar kit. The bolt goes to the Outside of the Link and the Nut goes on the Inside (see Diagram #2). Be sure both Upper and Lower Heim Joint Link bolts are tight. Some have found the upper link bolts loose.


13. EXTREMELYIMPORTANT: Centering the Sway Bar (Left to Right). The sway bar must be centered properly or the plastic Heim Joint Links (#26) may contact the frame which can damage the Link.


Make an initial adjustment by centering the Sway Bar from the front by having an equal amount of bar extend beyond the Bushing Clamp (#23)(#24, 25) on each side. Snug up the Bushing Clamp Bolts enough to hold the Sway Bar in position while still allowing for adjustment (Left to Right).


Now check for equal clearance between the lower outside of the Heim Joint Links (#26) to the bottom of the welded bracket that holds them to the A-Arm. These Links swivel so turn each to line up with the Sway Bar where it attaches to the link. These will not be much clearance but it must be equal on both sides.


14. Once you are satisfied that your Sway Bar is properly centered. Tighten the (4) Bushing Clamp Bolts (#24).


15. Remove the Allen (Hex) head bolts from 1 Billet Aluminum Collar Clamp. Place the Collar Clamp halves on the Sway Bar to the outside of one bushing. Install the (2) Allen head bolts but leave them loose enough so the collar will slide along the bar. Repeat procedure for the other collar.


16. Slide each Collar Clamp inward toward the Bushing until it touches. Holding the Collar Clamp against the bushing, tighten each Allen bolt equally with 9/64" wrench (Inclulded) until the collar is tight (Do Not Over Tighten), leaving about the same gap between the collar halves on each side. Repeat for the other Collar Clamp


17. Once you are satisfied that all (6) Sway Bar mounting bolts (#24, 25, 27, 28), and the upper Heim Joint Bolts are tight andway-Bar is Centered that the S, you are ready to reinstall the (2) lower retaining bolts (#37)(#53), on the Frunk. Reinstall the skid plate if removed, or Bump Skid.


Your BajaRon Custom Performance Anti-Sway BarReady To Ride! is now correctly installed and you are So! Go riding and enjoy your new performance modification.


The Anti Sway-Bar works only during turns. The harder the turn, the harder your new sway-bar will work for you. The Sway-Bar will not lift your Spyder, change ride height or make the ride stiff or harsh. These functions are controlled by your shocks/springs.


I recommend you run 18~20 psi in the front tires and 28~30 psi in the rear. You may want to re-adjust your shock springs to a lower setting if you had raised the setting to reduce body roll (Lean Angle). Now that you have installed the Performance Sway Bar, a stiffer spring setting may not be necessary. This will restore a smoother, more comfortable ride.


If you have any questions you may email me at or you may call me at 423-552-3720 - Ron (bajaron)


Diagram #1

Swaybar RT 2012 htm 74f69309



Diagram #2

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