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2018 Can-Am Spyder Lineup and Highlights


How do you improve on perfection? Can-Am took riders information to the next level. In 2018 the highlight for the Spyder is all about the gauge and because of the new gauge there's more room for added speakers on the RT and a complete upgrade to the sound system. I can tell you that the radio reception in the building was great and it was picking up stations loud and clear. 

I'm sure there will be detailed highlights on the Can-Am Spyder page so I won't try and cover all those details now. I will say I was very impressed with what I saw and what I liked most about it is how easy it was to use. You control everything by a joystick on the left bar and many of the applications are first in the industry as we've come to expect from BRP and Can-Am. 

Think of this as getting a brand new smart phone and being able to add apps as they become available. What comes on the new cluster is pretty cool like a built in GPS and an app called Rever that allows you to plan trips and routes and save them so you can call them up again and ride them or share them with your friends. 

It is Bluetooth capable to not only your phone, but your headsets too. If you're connected to your phone through Bluetooth it will remember what you were playing at the time and power it back up when you turn the bike on and off. You can shuffle through your music from the controls on the bar. If you want to shuffle through your playlist you have to connect the phone to the bike that's now wired in the front trunk on the RT and the glovebox on the F3T.

This new gauge will be on every model except the F3 and F3-S. The other cool thing that they didn't show you at the Homecoming is all the 10th Anniversary black and gold units will have this new cluster except for the F3-S. To me, that's icing on the cake. I'm told these units will be one of the first to hit the showrooms sometime in January.

There are some other highlights but I'll wait for you guys to hear it from the horses mouth. Once again Can-Am has raised the bar and this is only the beginning. These guys never stand still very long. 

My wife Joan and I were able to spend some one on one time with the guy who knew all the right answers for the questions we had. One thing I did take away from the time we spent with them is as they develop new apps and features it's just a matter of taking it to your dealer and having them flash the cluster with the new features. He also said one of the reasons the radio sounds so good besides the added speakers is the radio is now built into the cluster. This is all pretty cool stuff and I'm thankful to be able to tell you about it from a rider's point of view.

All your settings and controls are done by this cool little joystick. I found it really easy to use and intuitive. 


All the riding information is now on the left side of the screen when you're in the GPS mode or app and music mode. You can now add routes to the GPS and revisit them through the Rever app. You also have a screen that will take you to the nearest Can-Am dealer if you need some sort of service while on a trip. They also have an app for the weather so you can check that on your dash when traveling. I love that they really put a lot of work into this to make it the ultimate touring machine. They've come a long way in the last 10 year from the old GS

I'll leave the rest of the details for everyone else but here's a pic I just had to post. The smoked out look is amazing and there are other details to match but I'm a little heavy on the pics right now so go to https://can-am.brp.com/spyder/ for more details or their Facebook page @ https://can-am.brp.com/spyder/

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