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2018 Spyder and Motorcycle Events


2017 was a great year for Spyder events and 2018 looks to be another exciting year to get out and ride. Some of the smaller events have turned out to be the best last year. Make sure you set aside some time to join in on the fun!

If you would like your Spyder event posted here we require that you have a link to a webpage or Facebook page that we can link to your event. You must have current information on this page. This page is dedicated to US events only.
Feel free to share this page with your riding friends.

If you would like to add a Spyder event to our list you can contact us at Lamonster Garage

Make your plans early and we hope to see you there!
If you see this guy next to an event it's one that Joan and I plan on attending.


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2018 Can-Am Spyder Lineup and Highlights

How do you improve on perfection? Can-Am took riders information to the next level. In 2018 the highlight for the Spyder is all about the gauge and because of the new gauge there's more room for added speakers on the RT and a complete upgrade to the sound system. I can tell you that the [...]

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Celebrate 10 years of Can-Am Spyder

This will be my second Homecoming for the Spyder. The first one was 10 years ago and I was on a SM GS. That's all there was back then. The Spyder has been through some major changes and upgrades and while some of the lines have been dropped others have been refined. The focus has [...]

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The Wall That Heals- Springfield MO 5/10/2017

Lamonster Garage has always been a big supporter of our vets. I have three boys who served (two Marines and one Air Force) and my heart goes out to these brave men and women who serve or have served our country. It was our privilege today to meet with some of the riders from the [...]

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2017 Spyder and Motorcycle Events

There's a lot of great events going on in 2017 including the BIG ONE in Valcourt for the Spyder Homecoming celebrating 10 years for the Can-Am Spyder. If you would like your Spyder event posted here we require that you have a link to a webpage or Facebook page that we can link to your [...]

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F3 Idler Kit install

If you've been complaining about belt vibration on your F3 here a very affordable solution for you. Check with your dealer about purchasing the kit and installing. If you do your own work here's a video.

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F3 and 1330 oil change video

This is a desktop video I shot from pictures I took while changing oil on my F3 and Joan's F3T. The concept is the same for the RT with the 1330 motor but the panel removal is different obviously.Here's an update directly from BRP as to how much oil to add after an oil change. [...]

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Spyder 2017 Limited top case information and removal video!

This shows how easy it is to remove the top case on the on the new 2017 Spyder F3 Limited. This is a game changer for touring or going back to the full Bagger look in 5-Min. or less. I love it and it is Lamonster approved. 

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Spyder 1330 SE clutch info-Good Stuff

Here's something I picked up this morning that I thought I would share with you all. Great info for those of you that want to know how the 1330 clutch works.The clutch in the SE6 transmission is 100% dynamic. It is completely controlled by the TCM and free from centrifugal or mechanical spring engagement. The [...]

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Lamonster Review of the 2017 F3-S Daytona 500 Edition

Many of you were thrilled to see the NASCAR inspired concept turbo Spyder F3 that made the rounds at Daytona Bikeweek and the NASCAR circuit. BRP and Can-Am are now a NASCAR sponsor and sponsor car number 32. The response from the public has been great and as much as I would like to say [...]

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