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RT 998 Oil Change

Lamonster RT Oil Change

The reason I call it the Lamonster oil change is because I save you a few steps that BRP would have you do. I haven't seen the official directions for changing your oil but I was told by one of the techs that you pretty much have to remove all the left side panels and that's a lot of extra work.

I recommend that you get the RT up in the air before doing this. Here's how I did it.

You really only need to remove two panels. The first panel you need to remove is the left side panel. It's the same one you remove to access your oil tank. Start at the top and gently pull toward you.

Now that you have that off you need to remove the push pins and bolt on top and front side of the kick panel. This will give you access to the one bolt you need to remove to get the splash pan off.

Now that you have that loose you can pull this back to get to the pin and bolt you need to remove to get the splash pan off.

Here's a pic of the bolt you need to get to from underneath.

This is a bad picture but you can see where to look for the bolt. Once you get the pin out you can pull that tab back to remove the bolt. It's a pretty long bolt.

Now you can remove the two bolts that hold the splash pan to the frame. There is a wire that is in a clip on this pan that needs to be removed too.

This is the pan you just removed so you can get to the drain plug on the motor and the oil filter.

Now that the pan is off it's wide open for changing your oil.

I went ahead and drained my tank before I took that splash pan off.

Now drain the motor.

Next the oil filter.

Now that you have all your oil drained you can reinstall your plugs and oil filter. The book tells you to replace the o-ring on the oil filter cover and the two crush washers. By the way the two washers are different sizes, one is a 12mm and the other is a 14mm.

Make sure when you install the filter in the cover that the capped end goes in the cover and the open end goes in the motor.

I used the BRP oil and it took all 4 quarts. All you got to do now is add the oil and firer up the Spyder and check for leaks. If you don't have any links you can put your panels back on.