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Celebrate 10 years of Can-Am Spyder

Jun 3rd 2017

This will be my second Homecoming for the Spyder. The first one was 10 years ago and I was on a SM GS. That's all there was back then. The Spyder has been through some major changes and upgrades and while some of the lines have been dropped others have been refined. The focus has been on the RT and F3 for the last three years and the F3 has seen more converts than expected. BRP decided to do something a little special for the 10th anniversary at the Homecoming this year with some truly unique paint schemes. When I first saw theses I thought Smokey and the Bandit. The colors remind me of the Trans Am in that movie. The black and gold really pops and give all these Spyders a cool factor that can't be denied. If I didn't already have three Spyders in the barn I would want one of each of these for sure. 

Before you start saying this is just a paint job and nothing new you're mostly right. There are some other highlights but this is not the 2018 reveal, this is a limited special edition 2018 line. The deal is you have to place your order with your dealer by the end of October 24th 2017 and they will only build what they have orders for. If there are a 100 orders they will build a hundred units, that's it. My guess is there will be well over a thousand of these ordered but we'll see.

Here's the press release pics and I'll be adding pics and video from the show here and on my Facebook page and