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F3 and 1330 oil change video

Sep 28th 2016

This is a desktop video I shot from pictures I took while changing oil on my F3 and Joan's F3T. The concept is the same for the RT with the 1330 motor but the panel removal is different obviously.

Here's an update directly from BRP as to how much oil to add after an oil change. I find I need a little more than 5 quarts but that a good start.

First, to avoid any confusion, here is the official, correct information:

  • There is currently - as on June 23rd 2015 - only 1 1330 ACE engine configuration available. 2014/15 RT and 2015 F3 all have the same engine.
  • The required oil fill amount when changing oil and oil filter on the SE6 engine is 4.7L or 5.0Qt.
  • An oil quantity correction was made after production to avoid adding too much oil after an oil change and have to siphon it out rather than add oil to correct the level. During an oil change the amount of oil removed and needed to be added is never exactly the same, this is why a recommended amount to be added initially is given and then the procedure to verify the final level is used. A new dipstick is not necessary since the oil level in the oil tank doesn’t change, only the method of adding the initial amount before final level verification. In other words, it's easier to add more oil if you underfill than to remove excess oil if you overfill.
  • Service bulletin 2014-7 “Shop Manual Modifications” was published August 2014 indicating changes to the PDF (web) version which included Engine Oil Level Verification and Engine Oil and Oil Filter Change.
  • It is normal for a small engine, which includes a wet clutch and gearbox sharing the same oil, to shear down 20-30% within 1000-1500 miles but this shear flattens out and stabilizes for the remaining normal use interval. The 1330 ACE engine has been extensively tested to guarantee that 9300 miles is a safe oil change interval.