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Lamonster Review of the 2017 F3-S Daytona 500 Edition

Jun 27th 2016

Many of you were thrilled to see the NASCAR inspired concept turbo Spyder F3 that made the rounds at Daytona Bikeweek and the NASCAR circuit. BRP and Can-Am are now a NASCAR sponsor and sponsor car number 32. The response from the public has been great and as much as I would like to say this new F3 has a turbo, it doesn't. But what it does have is something inspired from the concept Spyder and something Spyder owners have been asking for since 2008.

When you saw videos of the concept bike doing donuts on the race track this was something that wasn't possible until now. The Spyder has a very complex system to make sure all the wheels stay on the ground and the rear wheel is not spinning faster than the front other than in a straight line. This is called the VSS or Vehicle Stability System. Spyder owners coined the phrase "The Nanny" because it watched out for you. Many of us wanted to be able to give the nanny the day off once in awhile or at least have the option to do so. Well guys and gals, that day has come. 

What BRP gave us is called "Sport Mode" or as I like to call it "Hooligan Mode." In this mode the VSS is still active as far as minimizing wheel lift but it allows much more wheel spin and slip angle. In other words, you can countersteer while drifting. The traction control is turned off so you can play. I will say it doesn't cut loose as easy as you may think and if you're going to play I would keep it to a nice sealed parking lot. I spent the first day in an abandoned parking lot that hadn't been sealed lately and it was hard to get it to cut loose for very long. A few days later I found a sealed lot and where I could drift like crazy as long as I wanted. It cuts loose, too, if the road is wet. I did manage to ride some hard twisties in sport mode and kick in the nanny but it never felt out of control. I would have to have this bike for more than a week to really put it through the test, but for what little time I did have it was a ton of fun.

If you get a chance to ride or own one the way you get it into sport mode is as follows:

  • Start the engine
  • Make sure you're the only one sitting on the bike and there's no weight on the passenger seat (there is no passenger seat on the Daytona Edition)
  • Hold the mode button and press the UP arrow button for two or more seconds. This can be done while driving, too, just like the ECO mode

To turn it off you hold the mode button for two seconds.

It's my understanding this will be a limited edition. I'm not sure what that number will be yet but for sure this is going to be a fun Spyder to add to the barn. It's not a Spyder you're going to want to ride cross country on but it will be great for day trips and showing off around town. Like I said before, this is a "hooligan" Spyder for sure.


This is a walk around of the 2017 Daytona Edition

This is a little long but worth watching