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Billy Club Bar Install

Remove stock handlebars and controls on both ends. Remove bar clips and transfer to new bars.



Tug on the cables and you'll see where there are two zipties that need to be cut to get all the slack you'll need for the cables. The one I'm pointing to is on the right side of bike. You'll need to remove that panel to see it. The other is near the steering head but hard to get a picture of.



Once you have the top cap and bars off remove the bottom part of the clamp. We need to shim these up with spacers provided. What I like to do is put the bolt through the spacer and thread it in the the steering head and then add a little super glue to hold the spacer in place. Then remove the bolt. Do this to all for spacers them install the bottom cap over the spacers.



After lay the bars in the bottom cap and install the top cap. This is where it's nice to have a helper with you. Once you have the top cap installed make sure the bars are centered in the clamp and snug down enough to rotate them in position.


Slide the controls into the end of the bars and sit on the bike and rotate the bars where you like them and then snug them down.


Install control caps and route wires in bar wire clamps.

The bars come with bolts for a stock clamp. If you've add a power plate or any other accessories you'll need longer bolts. We do not prove them with the kit.

You may find that you can no longer see the stock mirrors. If so we do offer a mirror kit that put the mirrors on the bars. It's really much better than looking at the stock mirrors as on the bars they are always right where you can see them. We also offer a mirror insert to cover the the stock mirrors and look cool at the same time.

Your controls have locating pins that will match the holes in the bars. If you need to drill a hole in the bars to get the controls at the right angle you can. It all depends where you pull the bars to.


Enjoy your new Billy Club Bars!